Computers, Privacy And Data Protection: An Element Of Choice

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From the contents:
Introduction- Part 1 Building and Rebuilding Legal Concepts for Privacy and Data Protection- Chapter 1 The German Constitutional Court Judgment on Data Retention: Proportionality Overrides Unlimited Surveillance (Doesn’t It?); Katja de Vries, Rocco Bellanova, Paul De Hert and Serge Gutwirth- Chapter 2 The Noise in the Archive: Oblivion in the Age of Total Recall; Jean-François Blanchette- Chapter 3 Property in personal data. Second life of an old idea in the age of cloud computing, chain informatisation, and ambient intelligence; Nadezhda Purtova- Chapter 4, Right to Personal Identity. The Challenges of Ambient Intelligence and the Need for a New Legal Conceptualization ; Norberto Nuno Gomes de Andrade- Part 2 The Dark Side: Suspicions, Distrust and Surveillance- Chapter 5 Frames from the life and death of Jean Charles de Menezes; Amos Bianchi


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